Epic Thing Collection

The other day I was trying to explain to a friend the old RCA VideoDisc system which he denied ever existed, so I went searching for photographic evidence. In the process, I stumbled upon Stefan's MASSIVE collection of ephemera for John Carpenter's The Thing. I know everyone loves this movie, and you know someone who doesn't, I encourage to end whatever relationship you have with that person be it professional or personal. I'm serious. But I doubt anyone loves it as much as Stefan. Check out his recount of his first ever viewing of the movie and a small sampling of pieces from his collection below, including the RCA VideoDisc.

I was 12 years old when this "R" rated sci-fi/horror masterpiece came to theaters. Too young and impressionable to watch it then, I had to wait until my Dad rented it on Beta tape shortly after it's video release. Back then, I knew of the star of the movie, Kurt Russell, from his Disney films like "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes", "The Strongest Man in the World", and "Now You See Him, Now You Don't", so I was excited to see what Dexter Riley (Kurt's name in the Disney films) was doing in the Antarctic.

After the movie, I couldn't sleep that night, thinking my Dad had made a horrible mistake in letting me watch this movie. It terrified me, but I also couldn't stop thinking about what I saw.


  1. I just recently bought the Xbox game, but I haven't played it yet. :(

    Great post!

  2. The black & white unused concept poster art is the coolest stuff on his site. I want to own the one you posted above(with the multiple mouths).

    Also one of the best movies ever made... and best special effects hands down.

  3. Darsh let us know how the game is! I remember hearing about it when it came out but haven't had a chance to purchase or play.

  4. I actually have it on Playstation 2 but have never played it, if you can believe that. Maybe I'll give it a start tonight!