WTF of the Month: Cliffhanger Video Game

ET may have caused the video game crash of 1983, but ten years later Cliffhanger caused me to have acid reflux. I know this is somewhat off topic, but with the "reboot" ahead and my awkward appreciation for most things '90s Stallone (yes, including Oscar), I felt it appropriate to give you guys acid reflux also.

First of all, WTF, how come no one told me about this game before today? It may completely suck, but I would have loved this in the 8th grade. That be may saying more about me as an 8th grader than anything. Movie tie-in games generally do tend to, let's face it, suck. And while we won't be breaking any news on a 15-year old game here—Cliffhanger was awarded worst game of 1994 from EGM—we can bring this little stinker back to the surface for some air before we drown it again. I love how they picked the LEAST actiony shot of Stallone for the cover. He may as well be sipping a cup of coffee as he dangles there.

What's worse than the worst game of 1994? The Gameboy version, that's what.

If you're a glutton for punishment, grab a copy for the platform of your choice on ebay, or snag a rom online.

To make it up to you, enjoy these Cliffhanger goodies, including the epic Trevor Jones score, found at the apparently defunct Scores of Scores.


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