Waking up the Video Dead

This past month The Video Dead premiered on MGM HD thanks to the folks trying to drum up support for an official DVD release. Kudos! And though the whole project may be in jeopardy since MGM's entire film vault went up for auction, you should still check out these goodies revolving around TVD.

First, if you listened to the first cast reunion on Diabolical Radio, then you should definitely check out this follow up. More insight and trivia on your favorite analog zombie film.

Secondly, Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum featured the movie over the summer. It's sort of new sort of digital talk show version of MST3K. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, maybe try it out like this. It's like getting drunk with your friends, only over the lonely Internets. By yourself. Sober and by yourself with no friends. So nothing like getting drunk with your friends. Hm, still enjoyable though.


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