So we recently took a field trip to a fun little establishment known as Dave & Busters. It was my first D&B experience, and notable highlights of the evening included: the double-decker chicken parm sammys that Marshall and I ordered; barley beating a shit-talking 5 yr. old at Mario Kart (and calling him out for being weak); and almost stealing a framed Zachery Ty Bryan autograph.

Despite all of this excitement, there's one thing that D&B was lacking besides other human beings inside the place on a Thursday... PINBALL MACHINES! Looking back, I can't recall seeing one pinball machine, which just doesn't seem right. Rest assured we'll be notifying D&B's corporate management of this obvious oversight, and possibly including a few CAMP MOVIE CAMP suggestions (see pics below)...

For whatever reason, growing up, pinball machines always served as promotional vehicles for mega-action movies and shows. Perhaps the coolest thing about these machines was often the high def back-glass art, more often than not featuring boner-inducing cleavage.

FYI: there's also some documentary called TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball for anyone who would ever have the attention span to watch a documentary on pinball.

Certainly there's better discussions to be had regarding any combination of movies/arcades (i.e. how fucking rad must Billy Mitchell's dvd collection be?) But for now we'll keep things simple with a brief list of machines that would certainly kick ass at D&B:

"The Pinball that will blow you away".. Don't mistake this for a movie poster.

Monsters. Rocking. Who doesn't get behind that?

Mark is one lucky bastard, scoring that Game Designer's autograph.

It's tough to concentrate on the silver ball when that giant HOFF is emerging from the ocean.
A staple at any serious arcade.

I don't think it's a movie... but I'm convinced it should be!

Koi just doin his thing.


No idea what the hell is happening here. "Watch those hands, buster!"


"I don't do cute"


  1. Why the fuck am I not on the back display of the RoboCop pinball machine?!

  2. i used to play the crap out of the terminator 2 pinball machine, though i was never really that great at it.

  3. A little bit of personal PINBALL lingo: A "popsickle" is when the machine pops after you're kicking ass and score a free game.