Hack-O-Lantern (1988)

I am such a sucker for holidays, a true product of '80s commercialized pop culture. And I love it! Since the beginning of the month, I've tried to watch as much Halloween themed programming as possible (aka as much as my wife will allow). From old Halloween kids' specials to the marathon of programming on cable to the lowest of the bargain bin offerings available. This brings me to Hack-O-Lantern.

This movie makes no sense, frankly. But the first 20 or so minutes are the best and creepiest, not because of any killings or satanic rituals, but because of weirdo little kid Tommy. "I like the taste of blood. Grandpa says it's good for me."

I highly recommend this flick for your Halloween parties this weekend, if nothing else, simply for the shoved in bits, like this D.C. LaCroix music video and the strange stand up bit by Bill Tucker. Why these exist, I have no idea, though I'm sure this served as both the high and low points in each artists' careers.

I just wanna say also that the stand up is preceded by an unexpected yet appreciated random stripper at a Halloween party. And the movie, while only mildly awesome, has a double twist ending! Eat that M. Night!! Speaking of nights, Hack-O-Lantern also goes by the more boring, yet more acurate Halloween Night. I'm never quite sure how movies end up with more than one name, as I have never been called anything but Marshall. I am open to suggestions though.

This holiday trick stars Gregory Scott Cummins, former San Diego Chargers' punter, (weird, huh?) who most recently has been seen on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as Luther. I am also convinced he wrote his own IMDB bio, as it ends with: "Greg is in his 22nd year in the Hollywood industry and continues to shine on screen." Prove me wrong.

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