The 10 Most Visually Badass Monsters According to ME! (2009)

I'm generally wrong on most things and it can be debated that I may actually only be using a small fraction of what the normal human brain should be using...

So... please feel free to add your personal picks to the comments section because I haven't seen every movie ever. I've seen a lot... but to be honest, I spend a lot of time not watching obscure horror/monster movies. Because if I did ... I wouldn't be getting married in 8 months... or sober.

I'll try to keep it short and sweet!


10. Dog Soldiers (2008)
There are a lot of great werewolf movies out there... and believe me this is tough. But look at that thing! Shut up... I am right on this one!

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
This is the only "real" not mutated/post mortum person you will see on this list... regardless... one can debate the true nature of what makes a monster... But fuck it... Leatherface is scary... He's badass and wearing a skin mask. Sounds like my friday night.

8. The Fly (1986)
One Word: Disgusting!
Two Words: Jeff Goldblum!

7. Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
Robert Englund is the only Freddy. That is my response to the remake.
This fucker is even scary in silhouette form!

6. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)
I had this on Beta Max. It's probably one of my most watched films of all time and even as an adult (and I use the world adult loosely) This cyclops brings back vivid memories of fear. Ray Harryhausen is my idol.

5. Alien (1975)
No matter what sequel, spinoff , remake or video filmed by not me in the basement of my apartment while my lady is away... these constantly droolin' monsters are exactly why H.R. Giger is awesome.

4. IT (1990)
Nope... Not scary at all.

*editors note: I just pulled a "who's on first" moment with The Thing and IT.

3. The Thing (1982)
It's like if anything and everything had a baby and then made it all John Carpenter-y and slimy! Gross. Also, and I know this doesn't really apply... but... Kurt Russell.

2. King Kong (1933)
Had this on Beta Max as well. Even more watched than The 7th Voyage of Sinbad... this may also be based solely on my childhood boner for Fay Wray.

1. Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)
Oh. Hey! I'm all silent and shit... but I will haunt your nightmares.

Yeah, yeah... I know there's no Godzilla on the list! Sue me!


  1. Brundlefly scared the poops out of me as a kid.

  2. Solid list. I'd have put Alien at #1, but that's kinda true for every list. Even those that don't involve movies.

    - Simon