Killer Workout aka Aerobicide (1986)

There were two hot properties that really define the '80s for many people, including myself: the rise of the direct-to-video market and aerobics.

Killer Workout begins with the tanning bed burning of some poor young lady we learn later to be the twin sister of Rhonda, owner of Rhonda's Gym. Unfortunately for Rhonda, a new series of grisly deaths start happening at her establishment, many through the use of a giant safety pin, no joke. Weird thing though, no one seems to really notice or care. I mean, wouldn't the cops be all over this place, closing it down to look for evidence, interview people and try to solve the crimes? Or even, wouldn't you want to avoid working out on a machine someone was killed on? But no, the gym stays open, people work out, and one cop asks around every now and then. I guess to be fair, no one really notices the killings, so how can you freak out about a crime you don't know exists, right? People are just missing until one unfortunate, vibrant young employee is being chased and finds bodies in rather open environments. I guess we don't watch these movies for their logic.

What makes perfect sense to me though is the extended aerobics scenes with jamming workout tunes! Check them out in context below, then find the soundtrack link even more below:

The quality on this isn't perfect: it's pulled from the video itself, so it's fractured in parts, but really, I'd take this over nothing at all! Thanks to Master Cylinder putting the grunt work in. The only questionable track, not in terms of quality though, is the song "Woman on Fire" as a motivational song, which (SPOLIER AHEAD!), in light of the burning Rhonda suffers in the intro which leads to her murders, seems...tasteless? Not sure that's the right word since she is a killer, but it's definitely misplaced. At any rate, I expect all of you to incorporate these songs into your daily workout.

Killer Workout writer/director David Prior would go on to make many more low-grade genius such as Future Zone, Raw Justice and Zombie Wars to list only a fraction. And you may have recognized Marcia Karr (Rhonda) from Chained Heat or Hardbodies or for the less boob-inclinded, Maniac Cop, a small part in Real Genius and the Adam West actioner Night of the Kickfighters aka Night Raiders.


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