Cellar Dweller (1988)

This movie does not have angsty teenage metal heads... -10 points.

Although it DOES have comic book monsters that sever heads with karate chops... all is forgiven!

Directed by John Carl Buechler and starring Yvonne De Carlo this is a rare 80's classic that I vaguely remember and wish was a staple of my childhood... however it unfortunately was not...

Full of fantastic comic art, gore, great story telling and a morbid sense of humor this movie should be on every B horror film fans must see list!

And if you don't see it... "It'll Eat You Out Of House And Home..."

That was the most pathetic attempt at tying in the tagline with a post ever... Deal with it.

Screen Caps:


  1. Buechler is amazing! He's worked on pretty much every awesome B-movie in some capacity, from Demonwarp, to Zone Troopers and he's even directing the new Troll movie! He's the true modern DaVinci.

  2. screencaps! do one of the monster, he is big and bad and awesome. plz. i'm not drunk but i wish i was.

  3. holy shit, you listen to me! BRING ME HALF A WATERMELON TO WORK TOMORROW.