MJRM2009: Ratman (1988)

Rat Month squeaks on at CMC, with the equally high/low point in Nelson de la Rosa's small career. With Rat Man, de la Rosa had his first and only starring role. Also in Rat Man, he finds ultimate exploitation at the hands of its director, Giuliano Carnimeo who is only interested in the gimmick. The movie really only serves to have the world's littlest actor be a scary rat-monkey with poisonous claws and is super tiny and angry and hungry and tiny and tiny. Ladies scream. Blood is shed. Valuable time is lost on this hunk of rodent feces. You may have seen this movie already, but if not, maybe go for his later appearance in The Island of Dr. Moreau as mini-Brando.

Sadly, Nelson de la Rosa passed two years ago, but here's the weird thing: He died on my birthday in Providence, Rhode Island while I was living there! I have no recollection of what I was doing at the time, but somewhere across town, the world lost a real gem of a man. I wish I had been more aware of his career and passing. His later years he spent being a good luck fixture in the Red Sox dugout with friend and fellow Dominican Pedro Martinez. Everyone had nothing but amazing things to say about him. He was also one hell of a dancer.

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