Movie Comics Compilation part 1

Ok, so since I am on a comic kick with Wizard World Philadelphia on the way, I will divert from our normal content for a moment and present to you, dear readers, this first in a series of comic movie adaptations! These are collected from various sources, so thanks to the original scanners across the web, many from "seedy" movie forums. If you're unfamiliar with .cbr and .cbz files, they're archive formats that comic readers use, but are basically .zip and .rar files. You can easily change the extension (cbz -> zip and cbr -> rar) and extract the images and open in any image viewer if you'd prefer that.

First we have the Marvel adaptation of House II, a movie you would think might be passed over for this kind of marketing treatment, but I'm glad it's here. Maybe Marvel saw a franchise opportunity with the lightened tone of this compared the previous House film. Great '80s art with yellowing pages, hot damn! Awesomely enough this adaptation is written by Ralph Macchio! Psych! Well...it is, but not the same Ralph Macchio who starred with Pat Morita in the Karate Kid films.

Fun Fact: I had a major crush on Supergirl when I was a kid. This adaptation has a number of Supergirl pinups in it my young self would have loved immensely. Looking at this now, and maybe it's just me, but the innuendo makes me feel weird...

Next we have the Child's Play 2 3-issue series. Following this adaptation, Innovation (who also published a Quantum Leap series!) began a regular Child's Play series, though it lasted only 5 issues. Love this panel:

Finally, this Dark Horse mini-series actually picks up 24 hours after John Carpenter's The Thing ends, following survivors MacReady and Childs. Good stuff in keeping with the tone of the movie and an awesome cliffhanger. If you dig the movie, you'll dig this. There's also 3 more series that followed this one we'll post in the coming weeks.



    best post yet.

    reading "the thing" comic right now!

  2. Nice! ;) This is good stuff right here! Oh yeah! =D

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