Airborne: Jack Black Before He Was Jack Black

Jack Black wasn't always that silly, pudgy guy you know from such flicks as School of Rock and High Fidelity. Nope, in the 1993 film Airborne, he was something much worse--a hockey-loving-jean-jacket-wearing douchebag named Augie. He and his street hockey lovin' buddies deemed it necessary to pick on the film's fish-out-of-water, Mitchell Goosen played by Shane McDermott, a hippie new kid who lives for surfing and rollerblading--to the point of gayness. Essentially it's one big dork-fest with lots of poetic non-sense, macho posturing, Seth Green wonkiness and rollerblades. In other words, it's good entertainment. Watch some clips:

Watch the full film in 10 adrenaline-filled, cheese-tastic parts
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