The Gate (1987)

... pray it's not too late! "

This tagline is a pre-cursor to the current state of film.

As previously mentioned in other posts I did a lot of illegal HBO cable box watching at a young age and for some reason HBO wanted to scare the shit out of little kids. Namely me..
"The Gate" was one of those films that I was legitimately frightened from. The Stop motion animation and character design of the demons really made it seem so realistic when I was 5. And maybe it's the nostalgia but I really feel like it stands the test of time.

Starring Stephen Dorff (Blade) This is a story of a kid and his metal head friend who open the gates of hell after a tree falls in the backyard... badassary ensues...

I mean it literally has everything one could want in a film:
  • Metal!
  • Demons!
  • House Party
  • METAL!!
  • Explosives
  • Awesome Special Effects
  • Parents Away for the Weekend
  • Hell!
The only thing it's missing is a naked aerobics class.

See this movie!

Rent It!

Buy It!
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