Brainscan (1994)

"Wanna play? I dare you."

Words Can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy early 90's computer game/hacking/anything floppy disc related movies. They not only reek of dead technology but they almost feel like weird period pieces.

This movie however is fantastic, even with its comically dated computer graphics.

Technology was in its infancy and Edward Furlong was still basking in the fame from a little movie you might remember called Terminator 2 which oddly dealt with a similar subject of machines taking on human characteristics.

Michael (Edward Furlong) has played and seen it all... He is on the cutting edge of gaming/gore and just wants to push the limits between reality and virtual reality... I bet you have a pretty good idea how this will pan out...

Oh... you Don't?


Cuz I saw the plot coming from a mile away.

O.K. so you are really going to tell me you don't see where this is going?

You mean you didn't think the game Brainscan was going to make the viewer question whether or not Michael was behind the awesomely shot POV murder scenes...

Strange... I thought you weren't an idiot, weren't an idiot.

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