The Brain (1988)

TV doesn’t really rot your brains, in this case, it hypnotizes your brains! I know that doesn’t sound very scary per se, but what if I told you a brain was hypnotizing your brain?! An awesome alien brain?! Well, you’d kill yourself, that's what you'd do. And thus is the set up for The Brain, the best brain movie since the previous one. If the above poster and description hasn’t convinced you, please see below.

My favorite bit of trivia is that Cynthia Preston, who plays Janet, also starred in the Total Recall TV show and voiced Zelda in Captain N the Game Master! Sweet, right?

This super awesome piece of filmmaking isn’t available on DVD—yet—but you can find it at your local awesome VHS rental place (if you’re from Philadelphia, ignore that stupid review, Video City rules, I accidentally left a Toblerone there once and the clerk ran a block down the street to return it to me instead of indulging in it’s chocolatey goodness himself, plus they stock the awesomest VHS selection anywhere, including The Brain) or in it's entirety here on youtube.

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