Super Mario Bros. (1993)

OK, so I haven’t seen this particular awesomeness since I was maybe 13. While I may have been perplexed by what I had seen at the time, I have no doubt I would love this now. The perplexing thing about Super Mario Bros., for a kid who’d played the games, and The Wizard epitomized geek gaming on celluloid, was it’s total acid trip take on the mario universe. No one understood what the hell they were watching, nor did the actors even get what they were making, I’m sure. Anyways, none of this is the point. The real issue at hand is...

Who is a better mario, Bob Hoskins or “Captain” Lou Albano? While Bob may look the part more, that may just be in relation to his supporting cast of non-Italian John Leguizamo and non-reptilian Dennis Hopper. And I would give the point to the Captain, who starred in the television series, but he lacks a certain spark without that rubber band in his beard. So I will leave it up to the people:

Buy Super Mario Bros. here or rent it from Netflix

As an aside, the same year the movie was released, Nintendo commissioned an album of songs that sampled their original game tracks. Thus The Ambassadors of Funk’s “Super Mario Compact Disco” was born. And incredibly, it fared better than the film! No videos found, but check out this still from “SuperMarioWorld” featuring MC Mario, which charted #8 in the UK. AWESOME!

You can find the whole ridiculous album at amazon

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