Don’t Mess With My Sister (1985)

If Meir Zarchi’s I Spit On Your Grave can be compared to The Count of Monte Cristo, then Don’t Mess With My Sister could be compared to, well a Three Stooges sketch. Zarchi’s sophomore (and final) piece follows Steve and his tribulations after a night of “accidental” philandering. His wife’s brothers promise to get even and this whole premise oozes epic exploitation-film-awesomeness, but the movie sort of, well, just ends. There’s no way other to explain it. It’s as if whatever limited budget Zarchi had planned just dried up after 85 minutes worth of bloody revenge set up. The finale is more comedy than anything else: Steve's thug-in-laws chase him around a junkyard in cartoony zig-zags, bats in air, hootin’ and hollerin’ into the sunset as the credits begin to roll. It’s really dumbfounding. The hooker Steve gets with isn’t even cute!

You can buy the dvd here, and it comes with the trailer, which the Internet unfortunately does not.
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