Monsturd (2003)

"Don't get caught with your pants down!"

As soon as I started this I knew I was going to be very angry with myself (which is why I'm drinking) or really happy with myself (which is ALSO why I'm drinking).

Turns out I am really happy with myself... and kind of drunk!

If you couldn't tell this is just a big low budget poop joke. Everything I could have ever wished for!

And guess what... It's actually kinda funny!

Yes, the plot is dumb. Yes, some of the acting is amateur-ish. Yes, it's a movie about poop... but there is something really fun about this. It's a total gross out flick with a ton of legitimately funny, well done dick/fart/poop humor. Reminds me a lot of a Troma flick.

Only gripe I have is how similar it is in plot to Jack Frost... you know... but... with POOP.

To sum it up... If you are on this site you probably like this sort of thing. It's pretty fun but ultimately poopy (see what I did there). I suggest you watch it... or don't... what do I look like your mother. Don't judge me... leave me alone.


  1. I saw this years ago. The novelty wore off after 5 minutes.

  2. Yeah. I can definitely see most people finding it stupid. I just happen to like stupid.

  3. Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed our little train wreck.

    Dan West

    Co-Director, Co-Writer, "Monsturd" and its wonderful sequel "RetarDEAD

  4. Watched this with a friend of mine because an actress friend of his was in it. The best part was definitely the little girl talking about the “doo doo man.” Not so much because of her, more for the clumsy attempt at editing around her inability to deliver her lines without laughing.