Demon Cop (1990)


It's rare that I'm at a loss for words, but Demon Cop not only leaves me speechless, but also in stitches. How this is possible I have no idea. But let me simplify this as much as I can:

2 parts Troll 2 - sheer comedic awfulness
1 part Batman - voice and vigilante justice
1 part werewolves
.5 parts Philadelphia - a man's struggle with his blood borne affliction
.5 parts rubber cleaning gloves

And now onto the goods; don't be fooled by the above image, the Demon Cop, Ed, never appears in cop garb. And I'm not sure how in the heck they got Cameron Mitchell to be in this. If you only watch one of these videos, make it number 5, it really sums up the whole story nicely, and is rather quite hilarious: In a bought of exhaustion from driving great lengths, struggling with a gate latch and kicking a chairs ass, Ed has no energy to explain what's going on to Kelly...so he types it out...and then the voice over reads it. Many revelations occur, so listen closely and hear the Demon Cop's anguish through his "beastial" voice. Okay so maybe I'm not at a loss for words...


  1. this looks like quite possibly the worst film ever!

  2. You must admit... The blonde is cute

  3. hey this is hilarious but the videos are set to private.

    could you please invite me on youtube to view that 5th video, the letter to Kelly? i remember seeing it some where and it really blew me away.
    my username is thetyrant84.

    thanks man!

  4. Yeah unfortunately the guy who owns Demon Cop didn't wanted us to take them down. I made them private in the hopes he'd let us out them up at some point. Cest la vie.

  5. Could you invite me? I really want to see these, seen them a while ago but can't find them ANYWHERE! (youtube: jukeapples24)

  6. ok i set them to "unlisted" and not private, so it's win-win for mr. copyright owner and you guys.

    here's the link to the sought after video #5!